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College Major VS Avg. Salary Offer

Chemical Engineering $59,707
Electrical Engineering $59,707
Mechanical Engineering $54,695
Computer Science $52,177
Civil Engineering $47,750
Accounting $47,421
Management / Administration $44,048
Marketing $41,285
Liberal Arts $31,333
Source: NACE, 2007

Management Major Facts

Between 50 and 75 percent of American managers are estimated to be incompetent. In fact, 30 to 50 percent of those appointed to executive positions end up either fired, or prematurely resigning. (1) These statistics have resulted in an increased demand for dedicated, hard-working, and knowledgeable managers within the workplace.

Obtaining a college degree in the subject of business management is a vastly accelerated track to a wide variety of career options. With solely a high school diploma, aspiring managers/business people would perhaps need to wait several years for an opportunity for promotion. In addition, a business degree greatly expands one's market value and potential to fill more demanding, higher paid positions.

Regarding salary, new graduates with a degree in business management or administration are expected to receive about $44,000 annually. This figure is up 7.5% over the 2006 expected rate.

After college, management majors are generally able to quickly obtain a position within their desired field, often skipping past several layers of lower-level positions which are frequently highly bureaucratic. Due to the management degree's aim for developing an extensive array of knowledge within the student, the graduate does not necessarily need to strictly peruse a management job. Below are a few of the related possible positions available to management majors:

Account Executive

Administrative Manager

Assistant Manager

Bank Manager

Chief Executive Officer

Claim Specialist

Construction Manager

Credit Manager/Loan Officer

Customer Service Manager

Department Manager

Distribution Manager

District Manager


Facility Manager

Financial Manager

Food Service Manager

Government Agency Manager

Healthcare Manager

Hospitality Manager

Human Resource Manager

Information Systems Manager

Insurance Manager

Insurance Underwriter

Inventory Control Specialist

Job Analyst

Labor Relations Specialist

Management Scientist
Manufacturing Manager

Marketing Manager

Market Research Analyst
Office Manager Production Manager Project Manager

Purchasing Manager

Real Estate Manager




Retail Manager

Safety Manager

Sales Coordinator

School Administrator

Securities Broker

Staff Development Manager

Supply Chain Supervisor


Team Manager Transportation Manager

Management majors must complete a wide variety of business courses including those in the areas of accounting, economics, finance, and marketing. Those who elect to pursue a bachelor's degree will likely be required to complete additional course work in these subjects.


Typical Non-managerial Coursework Guide For Bachelor Degree Management Students

2nd Year Work 3rd Year Work
Business Law Business Finance
Financial Accounting Business Statistics
Information Systems International Business
Macroeconomics Managerial Accounting
Microeconomics Marketing


For more in depth research into management occupations, visit the U.S. Department of Labor.
(1) Human Resource Management - 6th Edition. Fisher, Schoenfeldt, Shaw