How Difficult is a Degree in Business Management?

If you’ve spent any significant time researching a few of the dozens of degrees that colleges offer, you’ve surely discovered that not all college degrees are the same! Not only does the coursework it differ, but the difficulty of that coursework can mean the difference between earning the degree, and dropping out of college altogether in frustration.

It’s important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses as a student in some of the following areas:

1. What is your ideal work environment (do you enjoy working with others, or would you prefer a quiet, solitary desk)?
2. Do you enjoy solving problems?
3. Where would you like to see yourself after graduation?
4. What type of lifestyle do you desire (consider the income needed to support this lifestyle)?

1. At what do you excel? (Math, English, History, Science?)
2. At what are you not-so-great?
3. Do you use your time effectively, or are do you tend to procrastinate?
4. Do you commit yourself to many other tasks (perhaps jobs or social groups) that could make it difficult to find time to study fulltime throughout a given week?


The Academic questions might be more difficult to assess than they seem. Many people have a tendency to overestimate their abilities; Perhaps they were one of the smartest students are their high school, but compared to the average college student at XYZ University, they might actually fall below the mean in ability.

The listed SAT scores above should provide a general indicator of the college degrees that fall into the range of your natural academic aptitude. The assumption being made is that the higher the SAT score, the more difficult the college major, which may not necessarily be the case, although I’d bet on a strong positive correlation!

If you consider yourself to be above average in intelligence, but struggle with math, you should probably select a degree above Computer/Information Sciences. The Business degree offers the highest earning potential among this set of 9 degrees, offering a solid return on investment compared to the other’s in its peer group (more about the business management degree).

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