Which is the Best Business Major?

Most universities that have a business department will provide several majors available to students. While each of these programs allow the student to earn a business degree, there can be quite a variability between the course content of the programs in the department. These program tracks may include:

General business administration
A broad business program that incorporates basic finance, accounting, marketing, and managerial coursework.

Business management
Often very similar to business administration, a business management major will have a greater focus on
developing the technical, analytical and conceptual skills for the future leaders of the private and public sectors.

Human resource management
Just off the path of business administration, the human resources major, and sometimes rather considered a degree concentration, will substitute some general business coursework for those courses that relate to human resources. Emphasis is placed on organizational functioning within changing socio­cultural, economic, legal and political environments.

For those who like numbers, accounting majors will complete the general business administration and management coursework, but then branch off to a focused accounting curriculum. Many students may wish to obtain a certified public accountant (CPA) designation after graduation.

Closely related to the accounting major, ambitious finance students sometimes decide to double major in both finance and accounting. Finance programs involve the theory, organization and operations of the financial system from both the social and managerial perspectives. Common concentrations of this degree include corporate finance, financial planning and insurance, general finance, investment analysis, and institutional finance.

The marketing major prepares students for marketing positions in retail management, industrial sales, promotion, marketing research, or marketing management, and equips them with the comprehensive knowledge necessary to assume upper management positions in the marketing function.

Which is the best business major?
It depends!

Do you want to work with numbers while sitting quietly at your desk for the majority of your working day? If so, consider accounting.

Do you require a work environment where you frequently interact with people on a personal level? Consider human resource management and maybe marketing.

It’s also important to consider your personal aptitude.

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