The Most Valuable Business Major

Assuming that one is intelligent and competent in their field of work, all else equal, which business major is most valuable to employers?

Consider your skillset:
Do you enjoy selling? Perhaps then you could become a top sales manager with your marketing degree and earn several hundred dollars per year.

Are you a numeric and financial genius? You could do very well with your finance or accounting degree.

Do you have amazing leadership ability and excellent vision for process improvements? Your business management degree may give you a head start.

However, if you have the skill and ability to complete any business major, and feel that you have about an equal interest in each, most employers will be impressed by those who chose a more technical degree over one that incorporates more soft skills. Soft skills can be learned while not everyone can gain numeric competency, which is why I’d recommend exploring at least a minor in finance, accounting, or even economics.

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